Speed up Design System implementation

We're a Design to Flutter tool
Fluttervision plugin
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We introduce you FlutterVision: a tool to generate your Flutter Design System from Figma projects
  • Theme.dart

    This is mandatory, right? FlutterVision export color and text styles to be used in your whole app.
  • Widgets

    Let's be smart! Less code lines! All your main components will be quickly coded.
  • High quality code

    The best Flutter code practices. We're committed to writing organized and lean codes.

We're in beta.
Check what we are building.

Step by step
  • 1

    You import your Figma file

    We need your design project to start working. Remember, as more organized is your Figma project, better will be the export.
  • 2

    Computer Vision

    We use our Computer Vision to speed up the process. Our tool will identify the styles and the components.
  • 3

    Review it

    After FlutterVision works, it's time to you to check the job done. You can make changes on the components and the Theme.
  • 4

    Enjoy your Design System

    It's time to receive your app Design System. After downloading it, you can start to use it to build your screens.

Reduce time on UI implementation!

Let's start your Design-to-Flutter journey.
Please, request early access.
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